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Our mission at Planet Math is to be an organization with the goal of fostering a love and appreciation of mathematics while bringing math to life among Bermuda's youth.

The Fibonacci Foundation is a charitable wing of Planet Math. It was set up to help provide the financial infrastructure and the strategic platform for Planet Math to continue executing its community-driven projects, philanthropic initiatives, and programs.

GREAT NEWS: Planet Math has recently been approved for a GiveBermuda profile.

• Access a search tool for local nonprofits 
• Learn about local nonprofits 
• Make gifts online using credit cards 
• Set up recurring donations 
• Receive receipts for IRS tax-deductible charitable donations 
• Generate reports to support charitable giving committees  



We are now accepting funding through donations and sponsorship opportunities.

Or contact us today to learn how you can help support our mission and alternative ways to donate!

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News about The Fibonacci Foundation

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