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Welcome to Sensei

What is Sensei?

Sensei is an after school coaching program which trains learners in the art of calculation. Through weekly tutoring sessions and daily online app tasks, children become fluent and confident in calculation in a fun and engaging way. 

Learning the Abacus

The use of the abacus supports fluency and agility calculation, this is established through physical manipulation of the abacus, pictorial representations linking to abstract representation. Abacuses in education do not provide a short term fix but are part of a long term approach to develop confidence, reduce anxiety and reliance on working memory. There have been numerous studies showcasing the success of the abacuses in education and it has been used successfully in the far east for many years. We want your child to recognise their full potential and believe that they are a mathematician. Learning the abacus takes time, this is not a quick fix or a trick. The pace of Sensei's tasks and progress through the belts ensures learning is thorough and secure. 


What are Belts?

Each belt is achieved after the successful completion of a 10-week course and obtaining a level of competence with both the abacus and calculation. Children become experts in calculation as they progress through the belts. Sensi belts do not correspond with school years and because each belt develops a level of competency on the abacus to perform calculation - we have children and adults with all levels of prior mathematical knowledge beginning on a white belt. We do not have a minimum age for accessing the course, however, it is typically suitable for children over the age of 8 years old. 

Belts are: 

White | Yellow | Orange | Red | Green | Blue | Purple | Brown | Black 

Key Points

  • When basic skills are automatic, mental space is available for deeper levels of thinking and understanding. 

  • Pupils' ability to calculate in different ways develops confidence in solutions, ability to prove and reason and a belief that they are strong mathematicians. 

  • Knowledge literally provides the mind with room to move, develop and change. 

  • Repetition and consolidation are vehicles enabling knowledge to be stored within retrievable units allowing for mental growth through conceptual mastery and deeper understanding. 

  • Speed of access in memory functions also predicts confidence and positive feelings.

Costs and Registration

  • FREE if your child attends a Planet Math camp

  • Each session is 1 hour long and includes:

    • The practice of previous skills and knowledge

    • The learning of new skills and knowledge 

    • The practice of new skills and knowledge

    • Games and tasks to reinforce the new skills and knowledge

  • Skills must be practised on the app for 10 minutes per day for a minimum of 5 days between sessions. 

  • Quality is important to us and we strictly limit the size of our classes. 

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