Planet Math Reviews

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Jennika Pascoe, Parent 

Review (February Camp 2022)

"Everyday, my daughter came home with a new adventure of the day. I admire the team-building skills taught to the campers, she thoroughly enjoyed herself and wishes to return for all activities and adventures."

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Ms. Davis, Parent 

Review (Tutoring 2020)

"These classes have improved her grades and confidence soooo much. She's actually been getting 100% on assignments and tests."

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Tana Matthie, Parent 

Review (Fall Camp 2019)

"If your child comes home from camp with positive things to say, that's a sign of a good camp! Of course, I love that Math is the star, but there are enough of the other activities to make Planet Math a well-balanced camp. Feeding the kids breakfast helps us parents also, as it helps make the morning at home simple!"

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Yvonne DeCosta, Parent

Review (Summer Camp 2019)

"The 2019 Planet Math Summer camp was by far our favorite! Amelia enjoyed all three weeks she attended. Thank you to the entire team!"


Roque Roberts, 9 years old

Parent Review (Tutoring)

"We are very thankful for Planet Math for assisting or son in his difficulty and confidence with Math. We started him in the summer of 2017. We are very appreciative of our tutor, Ms. Almeida. She provided the patience needed to assist our son so that he could learn at his own pace. We have seen a significant change in him and his Math work. We will continue to utilize these services to assist our son in this area." 


Preston Dowling, 12 years old

Parent Review (Tutoring)

"My son has been with Planet Math since August 2017, and the change in him now loving Math is nothing short of miraculous! He is presently at the top of his class and has achieved Honors. To say I am beyond grateful for their assistance is an understatement. He loves it so much that he asks to join any camp they offer as well. The techniques that they use to reach children are innovative and their bubbly personalities to encourage the children are infectious." 


Kemiyah Betterfield, 14 years old

Parent Review (Tutoring)

"Planet Math has been a great help to my daughter during the month she attended.The tutors helped her to prepare for her entrance exams into BHS and Warwick Academy. I am very pleased to say that the tutoring paid off as she was accepted into both schools. Thank you again Planet Math!"

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