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The Fibonacci Foundation 2022 Camp Scholarship

Please note that the scholarship application is now closed.


Planet Math is happy to introduce you to our new charity, The Fibonacci Foundation - Reg. #1024.

The Fibonacci Foundation is a charitable wing of Planet Math that was set up to help provide the financial infrastructure and the strategic platform for Planet Math to continue to execute its community-driven projects as well as our charitable initiatives and programs.


Above is an application for our upcoming partially-sponsored Summer Camp. If you are applying for a scholarship please complete the application and return it to us at on or before May 31st, 2022. Kindly note that we will not be accepting any applications submitted after this date.  All applicants will be notified in June.


There are four criteria to which a student may apply, that is financial need, mathematical need, those academically inclined and children of frontline workers. These include but are not limited to workers of the following industries: Police, Hospital, Fire, Regiment, Medical & Health Care Providers, Taxi Drivers and Hospitality.  Our selection committee will provide a split of 30/25/25/20, respectively. If you select the financial need option, please complete the financial section. If you select any other option, please provide the applicant’s most recent school report card. ALL applicants need to complete the application, and the checklist and provide a personal statement.


Brief Camp Overview

Dedicated to inspiring the youth and community of Bermuda, Planet Math looks to capitalize and expand on its current offerings of its Xciting Xplorer’s Xpedition; which is a camp full of mathematics, life and social skills building and most importantly FUN! We aim to provide Camp bursaries to 500 kids this upcoming summer of 2022. This Summer Camp Drive pledge period will kicked-off on January 10th and will end on May 31st, 2022. Within this period, we aim to get sponsorship from amazing and passionate donors to achieve our goals. Kindly see the below article about this initiative as well
more specific details are in the attachments below.


On the behalf of the Fibonacci Foundation & Planet Math, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Our sponsorships and donations will allow us to pair children with professional and caring math educators. Everyone has a critical role to play in helping children fill their social & learning gaps due to Covid-19, especially those most adversely affected by the pandemic, with real-life benefits for hundreds of children in Bermuda. We look forward to helping and supporting our community and country to do what we love best, which is making a difference in people’s lives through mathematics!

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