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About Planet Math

The Story of Planet Math


Sergio Pitcher started a version of Planet Math in 2016. It began with helping a few students improve their math skills at a very old and small location in St. George's. However, from the moment he started, Sergio recognized the potential that the location and the idea had. The first thing he decided to do was renovate the location, fixing up the building to become a conducive learning environment. Once the location in St. George's was fixed up, that is when Planet Math started to grow. It grew at a rate that was beginning to outpace Sergio, and that is when he hired his first tutor, Kyrie Parfitt, who helped Sergio with his growing number of students. Sergio had a vision of expanding to Hamilton and into the west end of the island, and he recognized that the only way that he could achieve these goals was if he took on a partner. Sergio had recently met Kevin Warner and admired his hard work and drive and Sergio knew that Kevin was the right person to take Planet Math to new heights. Once Kevin officially came aboard, becoming a partner of Planet Math, the tutoring business just took off. Kevin secured the Planet Math location in Hamilton and transformed Planet Math into much of what it is today. Planet Math then began to expand its executive team and the services that they offer, soon offering extended tutoring hours and days, camps, programs, Math-A-Thons, and more recently, Slime Factory.

Our Mission

To be an organization with the goal of fostering a love and appreciation of mathematics while bringing math to life among Bermuda's youth.

Our Vision


To be the leading Math institute in Bermuda while establishing our brand globally.      

Our Principles

Value- serve our primary stakeholders at all times with the highest standards.

Quality- demonstrate a degree of excellence coupled with superior customer service. that is second to none.

Ingenuity- create, build, and develop learning strategies that are innovative and timeless.

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